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  • Primo Vibes CBDA + CBGA Immune Support 30ct


    This blend of CBDA and CBGA  cannabinoids creates a powerhouse of comprehensive immunity support in an easy to take 35mg tablet.

    Strength: 35mg Total
    Quantity: 30 Per Bottle

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  • Primo Vibes Optima Super Spectrum Capsules 30ct


    Discover the Power of The Entourage Effect with Optima Super Spectrum Capsules from Primo Vibes! Optima marks an exciting new chapter for Hemp-derived Alternative Health and Wellness Products, presenting a unique and easy-to-use way to get your daily dose of mind and body supporting Cannabinoids, featuring 50mg each of CBD and CBG, along with 10mg of CBDa to promote physical and mental wellness naturally.

    • 50mg CBD
    • 50mg CBG
    • 10mg CBDA

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